By Natalie Mik


  • Text, Growing, July, 3 2016.

About the Work from the Author

My work consists of the poem titled ‘a love story’ and the accompanying text

‘A love story’ is a poem that I wrote when I was working on a group exhibition titled ‘Poetics of Relation’. For this project, 9 artists including myself came together to present various artistic interpretations of collaboration, empathy, and growth through interdisciplinary thinking.

The spirit of this work talks about how different people can come together as a composite culture, whose composition did not result from a union of norms, but rather formed in the margins and sphere of imagination with all kinds of materials that by their very nature have the power to change collective consciousness.

A ‘mashup’ for me presents exactly this idea of an ‘interdisciplinary collaboration’. The word MASHUP! is just much cooler than i n t e r d i s c i p l i n a r y (an incredibly boring word). A mashup is about merging, combining, blending existing things in order to make something new. A mac & cheese becomes a Cheetos and a Cheetos becomes a mac & cheese. You can still taste a little bit of both because they haven’t fully dissolved in another. They rather propose a flexible bond and strive to be something fully hybrid. That’s the beauty of a mashup. And for the record, I’m referring to the wonderful and experimental spirit of a mashup, not necessarily the taste of the Mac & Cheetos.

About the Author

Natalie Mik is not a good writer. She is a text-artist and curator who explores limitations and possibilities of artistic communication and translation.

Find out more here http://www.miknatalie.com/blog/a-love-story

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