WELCOME!!!!!!! Curators Alyssa Arney & Glenn Zucman, and participant Natalie Mik, welcome you to *Shame Wrapped in Repulsion* We encourage you to embrace the Art, Writing, Sociology, Philosophy, and Armchair Culture Critiques that this digital exhibition has to offer.     Introduction By Alyssa Arney My journey with the Mac ’N’ Cheetos from Burger King is as […]

Threadwinners: Alyssa Arney & Liz Flynn

REVENGE OF THE PUSSY! By Threadwinners Photographs of mixed media crochet sculpture, Threadwinners, October 2016. About the Work/Artist Statement from the Makers This piece was originally produced for Haight Gallery’s Monster Show in conjunction with Halloween. It predates the election results but remains as pertinent as ever. The call for theme read as follows: a monster is any creature, usually found […]

Tslil Tsemet

PAINTINGS By Tslil Tsemet   Collection of paintings, Tslil Tsemet, 2011-2016. About the Work from the Artist Through Art I examine the human species based upon the social and cultural values to which it is bound, and to those ideals we grasp in order to maintain our sanity. Therefore, I paint and sculpt with the use […]

Stephen Anderson

PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEO By Stephen Anderson US VS THEM 4 Video series, that compares two contrasting world events occurring at the same time. Assortment of photographs and a video, Stephen Anderson, 2011-1016. About the Work from the Artist Observation of life from the sublime to the mundane. About the Artist Stephen Anderson was born and raised […]